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BIO-GRO™ Real World Results

Watch the results, presented live, by iSatori Founder and BIO-GRO™ inventor, Stephen Adele (or read them below):

While there were no "typical" results, after only 30 days, here is what was reported:

  • 87% of users experienced STRENGTH gain increases.
  • 62% of users experienced STRENGTH gains over 10% AND UP TO 20% (That's like benching 20 lbs more, if you benched 200 lbs previously!)
  • 76% of users said they experienced FASTER RECOVERY after workouts (and this started during the first week of use)!
  • 66% of users experienced increased PUMPS while working out (this was surprising and completely unexpected)!
  • 75% of users experienced greater MUSCLE MASS gains!
  • In fact, the average MUSCLE MASS gains were 5 lbs, and 19% of users averaged 6 to 10 lbs of MUSCLULAR GAINS! (This is remarkable, considering that was after only four weeks of use.)
  • 74% of users said they noticed marked improvements in MUSCULAR STAMINA!
  • And, although it is more of a "side benefit," 75% of all users said they noticed an improvement in their OVERALL HEALTH.
  • Although it is flavorless, approximately 78% of users agreed: the taste of BIO-GRO was "Acceptable" to "Good," and it was easily digested with no stomach discomfort...
  • (Keep in mind, the majority—81%—of those using BIO-GRO are considered advanced weight trainers, and 17% of them are personal trainers, so making gains is more difficult.)

    Plus, I'm excited to report the most conclusive results of all:

  • 93% of all users said they would enthusiastically "Recommend a Friend" to use BIO-GRO, and they themselves would continue to use it!
  • I know some of this might sound hard to believe, but these Feedback results from the over 500 people who participated in the first "beta-test" purchase of the BIO-GRO are absolutely true (and yes, remarkable!).

    In fact, these results are the most impressive I've come across.

    And remember, I've been studying and reporting on weight training and nutrition for over 20 years! Quite clearly, this shows...

    When following an intense weight-training routine (like our Hyper-Growth Training Plan), a clean, healthy diet, and adding in BIO-GRO...

    Serious Weight Trainers, Like Us, as well as Average People Can Recover Faster, Improve Strength, and Increase Their Lean Body Mass, in a Short Amount of Time!

    And there's no telling where the results will come in, after long-term, continued use of BIO-GRO. But, you'd better believe we'll be tracking that too.

    Do these types of benefits sound interesting to you? If you're a serious weight trainer, or just starting out, and you are interested in improving your recovery, strength, and gaining new muscle size—with the new supplement, BIO-GRO—the only one of its kind that uses the new, exclusive, and patented bio-active peptides, here's your CHANCE...

    Click here to see how you can "get off the fence," do what our first trial users have, and grab your supply of BIO-GRO! Plus, if you act now, we'll throw in a custom iSatori Blender Bottle, red iSatori workout T-shirt (a $35 combined value)... and if you invest in two containers of BIO-GRO, we'll add another one... all absolutely FREE (that's over $100 in great stuff, with our compliments)!

    (Hurry, the deadline to take advantage of this incredible, limited time offer is October 3, 2013, at midnight, or when supplies run out.)

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