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A scientific Q&A review with David Sandler, Director of Science & Education, Part 3

Planet Muscle [PM]: David, I have to admit, these new Bio-Gro bio-active peptides you have presented our readers with have had the online forums buzzing with even more questions. It sounds like you guys have a tiger by the tail?

David Sandler [DS]: Thank you, and yes we do. Because Bio-Gro has presented an entirely new concept and product category for those interested in building muscle, we knew it would require time, education, and solid scientific evidence to let it all settle in. What's most exciting is that as results and reviews from users have poured in over the last month, we are seeing an overwhelmingly positive response. Well above what we anticipated! This is a good signal, though, and says we are beginning to tame our tiger, yet we still have lots of work to do.

PM: In our last interview, you said Bio-Gro was like "fertilizer for your muscles"; can you explain this further?

DS: Sure [laughing]. I love that analogy. Just like your lawn needs water and sun to grow, once you add fertilizer, you can help the grass grow faster… Your muscles need weighttraining, plenty of protein, and if Bio-Gro is added, it can help them grow faster than they can on their own.

PM: That makes sense. Now, for us laymen, can you help explain exactly how Bio-Gro works?

DS: Here's a good example of how Bio-Gro works… Imagine you're building a house (your muscle), and you have only five workers (protein synthesis). Well, no matter how hard those five guys work, they can only build so much, right? And worse, despite their call for help, no one can hear them (in other words, your muscle cell's signal is not loud enough, nor can it get any help, because it can't use any additional protein). Now, give those workers a mega-phone and make their call for help louder, and you get ten more workers; now, you can build the house much faster! That's essentially what Bio-Gro does… it amplifies the signal and accelerates the rate of protein synthesis, so you can develop muscle faster than you can just by consuming protein or aminos on their own.

PM: That was a simple but great example on how it works. What can we expect from using Bio-Gro? Tell us about the benefits...

DS: Well, right away, after using Bio-Gro, you should notice a reduction in recovery time after bouts of intense exercise or weight training; and within a week or two, you will undoubtedly notice an increase in your strength, as long as you are training hard and heavy. And by doing so, with continued use of Bio-Gro over time, you can develop lean body mass at a faster rate. Now, keep in mind, we are not suggesting that if you take it today, you'll turn into the incredible Hulk tomorrow (nothing can do that). What we are saying is Bio-Gro should be used daily and consistently, just as you would food or other sources of protein, and you will experience greater gains in lean body mass over time. And the good news is, so far as the anecdotal reports suggests, the more you use, the better and more profound its effects! (We all love to hear "more is better," right!?)

PM: So, the next obvious question is how do we use Bio-Gro to really optimize the results?

DS: I thought you'd never ask. Bio-Gro is an unflavored powder that's easy to use. You simply take one scoop (1.5 grams), two times a day if you're under 200 pounds, and two scoops (3.0 grams), two times a day if you're over 200 pounds. It's best to mix Bio-Gro into liquid (such as your protein shake, pre-workout, or amino drink), and make sure you thoroughly agitate or blend it. It doesn't mix well in plain water, but you can also mix Bio-Gro into your favorite soft foods like yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal. Some guys just put a scoop in their mouths and chase it with water. However you take it is fine, just as long as you take one serving in the AM and the other in the PM for best results—trying to get at least one serving during your training session. Right now, I like to mix Bio-Gro in my oatmeal (it mixes in well, and it's pretty much tasteless) in the morning. Then I mix another serving either into my RestorAid® amino drink and drink it on days during my workouts, or if I'm not training, then I mix my second serving in the evening, before bed, in my Eat-Smart® protein shake. I am loving the results… In fact, my arms have increased by a solid inch in the last month. And what's cool is that even after 20 years of training, I've still been able to put on new muscle size without changing anything else in my diet or training, after adding Bio-Gro. This stuff is the real deal.

PM: Wow, that's impressive. I know Jeff Everson said "Bio-Gro was the #1 muscle product of 2013" in our April issue, so he definitely believes in it too. What other type of feedback have you heard so far from those using Bio-Gro?

DS: Honestly, we have had an enormous amount of feedback on Bio-Gro over the past months. Almost too much to keep up with. Starting from our original beta-testers, to those first to try it (once it became available in May), and right now I'm looking on the Internet and there are over 200 reviews on various e-tailer websites. The majority of them are positive, though not all supplements will work for all people, so there are few reviews that aren't positive. But overall, the ratings are very high. People are really enjoying the benefits they are experiencing from using Bio-Gro.

Rather than self-profess, I'll share with you a small sample of the feedback we've gotten on Bio-Gro:

"Bio-Gro is now part of our strict regimen of supplementation for all of our elite athletes.

"When we undertook the task of evaluating Bio-Gro, we were skeptical but, not only did we see an improvement in our [athlete's] performance, we also saw reduced recovery time using a natural product that is free of any banned substances. We were thrilled! We have, to date, trained 135 elite athletes on Bio-Gro, including several Olympic hopefuls and over 134 All-Americans at the high school and collegiate level. Bio-Gro is now part of our strict regimen of supplementation for all of our elite athletes."

-Jude Massillon, Owner, Sports Performance Group, Rockville Centre, NY

"You might think this is just for men, but you're dead wrong!

"I've been involved in women's fitness and figure competitions for over 10 years, and now I work as a personal trainer to over 25 clients in the Dallas area. I understand, for me and my clients, how important it is as a competitor, or someone trying to alter their body composition, to improve lean body mass favorably compared to fat mass, and Bio-Gro did just that.

"What drew me to Bio-Gro was the convenience, because I don't always like consuming a giant protein shake, especially when I'm not hungry, and it normally leaves me with gas or bloating, which I hate. With Bio-Gro, you only have to take one tiny scoop. What's more, I liked that Bio-Gro didn't contain any calories, sugar, or fat, which is great when you are dieting or trying to be mindful of your calories or sugar. And best of all, I was impressed by the amount of science behind it. I use Bio-Gro every day, twice a day, and recommend that all of my clients use it."

-Krista Gibson, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep & Certified Personal Trainer (Age 34)

"Everything I eat seems to turn to muscle!

"I'm what you would call your typical 'hard-gainer.' No matter what I ate, or how much protein I consumed, I just have never been able to pack on any respectable amount of bodyweight and keep it on.

"That all changed when I was introduced to Bio-Gro during their beta-test phase of development. I happen to work out at a gym in Colorado, where they were soliciting for participants in their pilot studies. I volunteered, and man, am I glad I did. Over the last three months of using Bio-Gro, two sometimes three times daily, I have gained over 15 pounds of muscle mass.

"It just seemed like everything I ate turned to muscle. I have to say that without a reason of doubt, Bio-Gro was the answer to unlocking my natural ability to put on muscle mass as a true hard-gainer. This stuff is the real deal, and like they told me when they gave it to me, it's a real 'game-changer.'"

-Scott Charles Bell, Construction Foreman (Age 41)

PM: If our readers have more questions, who can they contact, and where can they get their hands on some Bio-Gro?

DS: If you have any questions about Bio-Gro or your nutrition or training in general, please don't hesitate to contact one of our expert advisors directly at iSatori by calling 1-866- 688-7679 or emailing us at info@isatori.com. As for finding Bio-Gro, it's going to be hard to find for awhile because it's being produced in very limited runs as it's so complex to manufacture. Those lucky PM readers who act fast might get access to Bio-Gro if they visit one of our authorized retailers like TigerFitness.com or VitaminShoppe. For retailers that want to carry it, our exclusive wholesale distributor is Europa Sports.

DS: I know we are out of time (and space), so I want to say thanks for having me today, PM, and I look forward to hearing more about your readers' questions on Bio-Gro, or their personal experiences from using it.


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