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The Secret Is Out

Bio-Gro, the Entirely New Bio-Active Peptides Category, and How It Doesn't Just Change the Game But Creates a New One


This Changes Everything!

You've likely heard our "game-changer" moniker over the past month or so. Heck, you may have even tried to see if you could find out more. Then you probably wondered why we have been so secretive.

As iSatori CEO Stephen Adele has said, "Only every once in a long while does something come along that truly changes the face of the supplement industry." Having done our homework on this one, we believe we have found it. The part about being so secretive, well, in this business, you can never be too sure who's looking over your shoulders at your trade secrets.

But now, we can finally come into the light and start revealing all our secrets. Well, not all, but at least the most important when it comes to the "game-changer." ;-)

So let's dive right in, and you can see for yourself: has iSatori really found a true "Game Changer"�a maverick supplement that can really do all it's purported to do? And if so, why hasn't it come out sooner, and why aren't more people using it already, if it is so good?

Don't worry, all these questions will be answered as you read on and learn more about Bio-Gro, Muscle Protein Synthesis Amplifier. Powered by Bio-Pro custom engineered Bio-Active Peptides, this product pushes the limits in every way humanly (and scientifically) possible.

"Bio-Active Peptides," A New Category Emerges

New products come and go. Every now and then, a new category is created simply because the number of products produced force the need for a separate entity. (Recall Nitric Oxide in the early 2000's? Before then, no one really knew about it in sports nutrition.) In rare instances, however, a new product creates an entirely new category and brings to life a new breed of supplements with unique benefits. This is the case for Bio-Gro�we have created a product that defines a category unto itself, called "Bio-Active Peptides."

Let me explain... Now, it is true that Bio-Active Peptides (or BAP's for short) are not new. So how does this define a new category?

Though BAP's were first discovered back in the late 1800's by the Polish researcher Stanislaus Bondzynski, only in the last few decades have they become big money in the pharmaceutical world. And until now, the application of BAP's in sport performance and fitness has not been well established, at all; thus, in the world of sports supplements, the need for a separate category has not arisen. A new beginning has been created that pits the efficacy of highly concentrated components against the normal, everyday proteins and other combinations of ingredients designed to elicit an ergogenic (that is, performance-enhancing) effect. The fight is on as we have isolated a product so refined, and so distinct, it could not be compared to anything else in its class. Thus, a new category emerges.

"Bio-Active Peptides" as a category likely will contain many different products with many different benefits, including various forms of proteins and amino acids. However, we believe, as the science continues to examine single ingredients and various combinations, the space itself will be occupied solely by those products with unique properties outside the typical features found in standard-class products.

Muscle Protein Synthesis and Bio-Active Peptides

So what is a Bio-Active Peptide?

While we will not get into the details behind protein synthesis and the kinetics of shuffling proteins about the body, we will answer this question, as it will help shed light on why this product is so powerful.

Most people consume additional protein from supplementation because they are trying to build or refine muscle. Most proteins, when consumed, create a positive nitrogen balance (meaning more of protein's benefits than less), as the constituents, namely the amino acids, are broken off and circulated through the body.

As these amino acids are needed, and with each serving specific functions within the body, timing and acceptance of each is based on several factors. For Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS), the process is a little more controlled, and the timing, a little more critical. But in all cases, protein utilization occurs only when there is a sufficient pool of free floating amino acids and the signaling mechanism to make that happen.

In theory, if you add more protein to your diet, you stand a greater chance of that protein being utilized. However, in practice, that is not always the case as timing, need, and specific ratios of amino acids are required to help the body recognize its need for protein synthesis. That is where Bio-Active Peptides come into play.

A peptide is any combination of two or more amino acids, and their biological role is based on their specific function once they are joined together. Peptides form when the body needs certain functions to be performed. So for maximizing sport and fitness performance and/or muscle growth, peptide chains will form to make the building structures necessary for skeletal muscle development.

If we dig deeper down to an even more micro level, we'll find other peptide chains are made up of the actual nucleotides (the genetic coding structures) that form an amino acid. These tiny chains pack a powerful punch in that they are often the reason a process happens... or not. That is because these micro-concentrated peptides are the actual triggers that turn processes off and on. Just having a large supply of amino acids is not enough to stimulate MPS—you need an activator or amplifier to ensure that it is all utilized, most efficiently. Sure, you have to have a supply of amino acids to build muscle, but only a very small supply is necessary when you have the key element that unlocks the pathway allowing MPS to occur.

The Bio-Gro Difference

Are you confused? Did you think by just pumping more proteins into your body, your muscles would automatically grow? Yeah, I did too before I really understood the process, so don't worry, you are not alone!

The process, however, is exactly what separates Bio-Gro from everything else in its class. In fact, Bio-Gro is so unique and powerful, it really stands in a class by itself. Bio-Gro is a custom engineered product that uses a specific extraction process unique to any others out there. During this process, only the key MPS amplifiers, such as Proline-Rich Peptides and Immunoglobins G and A, are extracted out in a highly concentrated, low molecular weight, and highly bioavailable form. The end result: a rock-star signaling mechanism that triggers protein synthesis more frequently, with less overall protein consumption. (Or conversely, if you consume more protein than the body can normally use, Bio-Gro will allow your body to actually "use it" all.) The Bio-Actives found in Bio-Gro, in a concentrated form, not only reduce overall consumption and need for standard protein but make everything (that directly affects protein synthesis, such as protein powders, BCAA's, or even anabolic steroids) work better and more efficiently. In other words, you get more bang for your buck. And if you are like me, it sure is nice not to have to consume several more hundred grams of protein, hoping to maximize its use, to develop new muscle.

Additionally, due to its cleaving process, which essentially gets rid of all excess fat, sugars, and calories, its concentrated bio-actives and small serving size, its digestibility, taste, and ability to mix with other foods is not compromised; meaning, you hardly have to alter anything you are currently doing to see its powerful effects.

Using Bio-Gro to Maximize Performance

Are you anxious to get started? We at iSatori were too. And once we did, we were more than pleasantly surprised, even shocked to learn what we had found. As a true scientist, while theory and even good clinical results make for plausible effect, I believe there is still the X-factor. In fact, if any scientist told you otherwise, they would be remiss. How can I say that? Easy. Often in research we find unquantifiable results or results that cannot be tagged to any specific variable. Thus, there is only one possible solution�the unknown functions of the amazingly unique human body.

See the truth is, if we weren't all unique, it would be much easier to decipher the cryptic code that each bodily process has. But alas, that is not the case. So the X-Factor in Bio-Gro is how it will affect you specifically. We know through our research process that when using Bio-Gro, MPS is heightened, recovery is enhanced, and general overall performance improvements are definite.

The exciting part is that we do not know how much. We have had quantifiable reports from mild but noticeable gains to surprisingly large gains. We suspect the variance has to do with overall dosage, body size, and individual fitness levels, but again, this is the X-Factor! Our further clinical research, currently underway, will tell us the full details and specific data in greater detail. But, until then, our suggestion is to try Bio-Gro in addition to your normal daily routine, rather than change everything all at once. This will allow you to see the true separation before determining your dosage and usage pattern.

Try one in the morning, and another serving in the evening. Try it before or after your workout, or during. But keep consistent for at least two to four weeks, and we are quite certain you will enjoy noticeable differences in your recovery, strength, and over time, with continued use, improvements in lean body mass development.

Of course when it comes to maximizing performance, it is relative to what your performance goals are. For example, if getting bigger, harder muscles is your goal, then increasing volume, total sets, and reps is the way to go. And Bio-Gro can help quite a bit. But if increasing strength, speed, or power is your goal, then optimizing rest and recovery, decreasing volume, and increasing load would be part of your training plan. Again, Bio-Gro will help you do this more effectively. (And by the way, it's worth mentioning, that each purchase of Bio-Gro comes with a specific weight-training program I personally designed, called "The Hyper-Growth Training Program," to help you increase your overall strength, but it's specific to the bench and squat... I mean, who doesn't want to increase their bench press and/or squat in the gym!?)

The most important thing to consider is your rate of progression. Make sure not to overtrain by adjusting your weights and total volume based on your recovered state. And always push yourself to hit at least one (or two) more rep on each and every set, and your body will thank you down the road.

Time to Start

So what are you waiting for? If you hang out too long waiting to see the results that others post (even though there are already plenty of logs coming in daily from beta-testers and early adopters), you will simply be looking at their backs as they continue to surpass their goals. In other words�now's the time to get ahead of your competition, not behind it. The game is the same�hard work is required. But now the rules have changed. Give yourself the decidedly unfair Bio-Gro advantage.

About the Author

David Sandler, MS, CSCS*D, RSCC*D, HFD, HFI, FNSCA, FISSN, has been a consultant and strength and conditioning coach for the past 25 years and has worked with the nation's top organizations and some of the world's best athletes. He is the Director of Science and Education for iSatori. He is the former Chief Operating Officer of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Sandler has authored 6 books: Sports Power, Weight Training Fundamentals, The Resistance Band Workout Book, Plyo Power, and Strength Training Everyone, Fundamental Weight Training as well as having developed dozens of exercise videos including three coaching developmental videos. David has published more than 20 scientific articles and abstracts and more than 250 articles in power, strength, and fitness training for various magazines and literature. He is a former powerlifter and three-time US National Bench Press Champion, and his research and passion is with strength and power development.

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